Kathy Coder

For the last eight years, I have had the honor to serve on the Bellevue council. When I was appointed to the council, years of dysfunctional leadership coupled with poor planning and apathy left the Borough in a state of decline. We have made tremendous strides in the last several years, but we are not where we need to be yet. We have started putting systems and processes in place to change our town's course for the positive. I am seeking one more term of office to make sure we reach our potential and build on our positive momentum.  We need a team of people with a clear plan, common purpose, and the courage to hold ourselves accountable. I believe my leadership training, experience, and good intergovernmental relationships will be part of this equation. We are at a defining moment in our community's history.  Please vote for me on November 7th and help make Bellevue's potential become reality.  


I will  continue to work with our Police Department to create a plan, and accountability around the following items:

  •  Providing more Police presence on Lincoln Avenue and the streets.
  • Eliminating drugs/dealers in Bellevue-That we would have a no tolerance reputation.
  •  Working with agencies and other communities to eliminate the opioid crisis.
  • Create a state of the art Department that would be known for their communication and customer service. 

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I will promote collaboration  with our Community Development Corporation to attract and incentivize businesses and restaurants to invest in Bellevue. Create opportunities for youth, minorities, and all residents to participate in activities that will promote a better community. I would do this by:

  • Working with the school district to create a joint marketing plan to market Bellevue.
  • Create and implement a business development strategy for attracting diverse stores/eateries to become a destination in the Region, and North Boroughs.
  •  Work with the School District to create internships with businesses and socialprenuer opportunities for our youth.
  • Create tax incentives for new businesses, and minority owned businesses.
  • Continue to promote Bellevue to the Region by being a part of boards, etc.

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 I will provide leadership to create systems and processes to assure the Council is stewarding the Borough’s resources well. Lead initiatives to:

  • Have the council, Mayor, and leaders of Departments create a strategic plan and specific goals, as well as develop performance evaluations for all employees around these goals. The implementation of this plan would eliminate personal agendas, and focus council/employees on moving Bellevue to accomplish goals.
  • Require quarterly updates on the budget year to date. Council/Department Heads would use this data to be strategic in the Borough’s spending.
  • Contract an outside agency to oversee bill paying, and regular reports on our financial status.
  • Utilize social media, the Borough website, and technology to increase transparency and be more accountable to Bellevue.
  • Engage a plan to enforce laws, especially concerning blighted properties. 

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